Privacy Policy

J.City Co.,Ltd
J.City Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred to as “Hotel Cadenza Tokyo”) recognize that protecting the privacy of our customers and their personal information (hereafter referred to collectively as “personal information”) is the basis of our business and one of the social responsibilities. In order to responsibly protect our customers’ personal information, Hotel Cadenza Tokyo established the personal information protection policy set forth below. Hotel Cadenza Tokyo has committed to implement, maintain, and continuously improve the in-house system and strategies for protecting personal information. Hotel Cadenza Tokyo personal information protection system and activities are designed to comply with all relevant legislation and in- house rules, and to be worthy of our customers’ confidence.

Secure management of personal information

1. Compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, and guidelines
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo complies with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” as well as other relevant laws, regulations, and industry guidelines.
2. Security measures
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo makes every effort to protect customers’ personal information with preventive and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, and leaks.
3. Organizational system
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo has an organizational system in place for the protection of personal information within the hotel, which includes a Personal Information Protection Officer for the hotel as a whole and a Personal Information Management Officer for each division. The system also includes an audit department for the implementation of internal audits.
4. In-house rules for the handling and management of personal information
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo has established rules for the handling of personal information, to ensure that standards for the appropriate acquisition, maintenance, use, and disposal of personal information adhered to. Hotel Cadenza Tokyo has also defined a code of conduct and concrete rules for the activities of those handling personal information, to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leaks of personal information.
5. In-house training
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo implements staff training in relation to the protection of personal information and works to protect personal information by ensuring that the content of the training is thoroughly understood throughout the hotel.
6. Continuous review of in-house rules
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo continually reviews and improves its rules for the handling of personal information and the organizational system for implementing those rules, to ensure that their implementation continues to be effective and appropriate.

Inquiries regarding the privacy policy are accepted at the following window.
J.City Co., Ltd /Hotel Cadenza Tokyo Information Center Telephone: +81-3-5372-4491(Direct), Facsimile: +81-3-5372-4463 Mail: Mon. – Fri., 09:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.
(excluding year-end/New Year holidays/Summer holidays), Takamatsu 5-8-20, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0075 JAPAN

Provision to third parties and joint use of personal information
Except for the following cases, Hotel Cadenza Tokyo does not provide or disclose customer personal information to third parties or engage in the joint use of this information without the consent of the customer.
1 Cases in which such disclosure or use is required by law.
2 In exceptional circumstances, to cooperate with governmental or administrative bodies. 3 In the subcontracting of Group work, within the scope of proper use.

In all other cases in which a customer’s personal information is to be disclosed to a third party or jointly used, in whole or in part, prior consent from the customer is obtained. In such cases, Hotel Cadenza Tokyo exercises due care in the selection of the third parties that will receive or jointly use the information, and we require that all such parties comply with the relevant laws and regulations and exercise appropriate management of the information. In using the customer’s personal information, we may entrust said personal information to third parties, within the approved scope of use.
Hotel Cadenza Tokyo supervises said third parties’ use of the personal information as necessary and appropriate to ensure that such third parties manage the personal information in strict accordance with the same standards. Hotel Cadenza Tokyo and said third parties conclude agreements stipulating careful management and supervision of the secrecy of the personal information to ensure strict safety of the personal information. Moreover, Hotel Cadenza Tokyo and said third parties may collaborate in the use of the personal information, within the stated scope.

Dissemination of matters related to personal data held
Regarding the personal data held by the Company, we will respond to requests from the person or his/her agent for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasure, and suspension of offering to third parties (hereinafter referred to as "request for disclosure, etc.") as follows:

  • ●Name of business operator
    J.City Co., Ltd
  • ●Chief Privacy Officer
    Officer : OKAZAKI MASAMI
    Department : Administration
    Contact : +81-3-5372-4491J.City Co., Ltd

Scope and purposes in joint use personal information
As a rule, if personal information is shared with third parties for the purpose of joint use, the joint use relates to the following: 1. Individual customer’s information
Making reservations and using our facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and leisure facilities. 2. Business partners’ information Confirming the ordering products.
3. Membership information of Hotel Cadenza Tokyo
Joint use with companies providing comprehensive services related to joining membership organizations, recording, and managing data, and managing point-based services.
4. Joint use with companies providing comprehensive services
In addition, the information may include customer requirements regarding hotel rooms, leisure activities, and other services, as well as information to allow to meet special needs (such as health conditions requiring special measures at hotel), and lifestyle information such as information on customer hobbies and interests.
5. Our employee information
For personnel and labor management, business management, health management, and security management of employees.
6. Information on job applicants to the Company
To contact job applicants and manage our recruitment operations. 7. Specific personal information
For creating withholding slips for salary income, and for notification of health insurance and employee pension insurance.

Where to file a complaint about the handling of your personal data
J.City Co., Ltd /Hotel Cadenza Tokyo Information Center Telephone: +81-3-5372-4491(Direct), Facsimile: +81-3-5372-4463 Mail: Mon. – Fri., 09:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.
(excluding year-end/New Year holidays/Summer holidays), Takamatsu 5-8-20, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0075 JAPAN

Authorized personal information protection organization.
Currently, there is no authorized personal information protection organization to which we are a member.

Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, etc. of held personal data.
1. Where to request disclosure.
1-1 Requests for disclosure.
Please contact the personal information inquiry desk above.
2. Procedures of Requesting Disclosure.
I. After accepting the request, we will send a prescribed official invoice form by post.
II. Please send the invoice you filled out, documents confirming that you are an agent if requested by an agent, and a postage for the fee (only in the case of notification of purpose of use and request for disclosure) to the above personal information inquiry desk by post.
III. Afterreceivingtheaboveinvoice,inordertoconfirmyouridentity,wewillcontactthe person (in the case of a request by an agent, we will contact to the agent) for information on the invoice about 2 items (e.g., telephone number and address, etc.) that can verify your identity of the information entered on the invoice.
IV. Inprinciple,wewillrespondinwriting(bypost)tothepersoninquestion(inthecase of a request by an agent, to the agent).

3. Materials confirming that you are an agent if requested by an agent
If the person requesting disclosure, etc. is an agent, please enclose materials which prove that you are an agent and materials to prove yourself. The domicile information contained in each document should be seen the prefecture only, and the subsequent information should be blacked out. In addition, please send each material that does not contain an individual number or process the entire digit such as inking.
I. Materials to prove that you are an agent.
✓ Power of attorney original
One of a copy of documents listed below is required.
✓ A copy of the family register
✓ Resident's card (Relations should be shown)
✓ Other official documents that can confirm the authority of legal representative.
One of a copy of documents listed below is required.
✓ Certificate of Registration regarding guardianship registration, etc.
✓ Other official documents that can confirm the right of legal representative.
II. Materials to prove yourself (for an agent).
One of a copy of documents listed below is required.
✓ Driver's license
✓ passport
✓ Health insurance card (Please submit the insured numbers, etc. with all digits inked.)
✓ Resident's Card
4. Fees requesting for notification or disclosure of the purpose of use. 1,000 yen per request.
Please enclose the postage for the fee attached to the invoice.